About the Founders of the Hegemony Project

The Purpose of The Hegemony Project

The Hegemony Project is dedicated to identifying the ways in which cultural hegemony works systemically in the United States, Europe and around the world to further the interests of elites at the expense of poor to middle income people.

Cultural hegemony persuades us that the interests of the elite are normal, natural and common sense.

As a result, we tend to support and/or take for granted dominant socioeconomic, cultural and political arrangements. Cultural hegemony works to police our horizons so that we do not challenge the power and purpose of elites, at home and abroad.

To paraphrase Nelson Mandela, elites have the power to limit our vision of the possible. 

Where It Began

The Hegemony Project came about when Dr. Virginia Lea and Mr. Dang Yang decided that the School of Education at their Midwest university needed a critical collaboration between students, faculty and staff to better understand why systemic inequities persisted in their school, in their society and on a global scale.

They also organized caring, social justice action and events with the goal of contributing to equitable socioeconomic change.

For seven years, the Hegemony Project has organized dialogues and events, led by students, to develop greater consciousness about how cultural hegemony functions as the underlying processes and conditions of the social order that produces deep-seated social, political, cultural, and economic inequities and inequalities in society.

The goal for these events and outreach is to encourage efforts to alleviate those inequities and inequalities.

The project now has two new co-directors: Dr. Sapna Thapa and Dr. Emily Hines.