Education: Cultural Hegemony and Critical Consciousness The Lac du Flambeau Curriculum

Immigrants, Refugees, Parents & Guardians

HCAT (Healthier Community Action Team) coalition is a balance of expertise in the community committed to improving behavioral health through several distinct programs and strategies.

The collaboration reflects government, schools, tribal community leaders, tribal health center, court systems, human services, law enforcement, tribal Head Start, elders, LDF Veterans Association, Cultural & Ojibwe Language.

HCAT was formed in 2008 with a vision of “building a healthier Northwoods community’. The group started as an advisory group for a Weed & Seed federal grant that the Lac du Flambeau Tribe wanted to apply for and met at least monthly.

When the grant was not funded, the group decided to continue due to the benefits of networking and collaborating on various projects to improve the community.