Education: Cultural Hegemony and Critical Consciousness The Lac du Flambeau Curriculum


Worldview is how a people view the world around them. Worldview can vary significantly from culture to culture, and person to person. It include the norms, values and beliefs of a community.

Lac du Flambeau society is largely governed by people off the reservation. Native people do not pay taxes so they have to follow the Wisconsin state standards. The Lac du Flambeau public school is also governed by the Wisconsin state so the Native community does not have get as much freedom to determine their educational goals and culture  as they would like. 

America tends to be more of an individualist society whereas the Native population and different minority groups tend to be more collectivist, which causes a divide in how we see the world. 

Native people tend to be culturally collectivist.

The Lac du Flambeau community is largely collectivist and they try to do what they can to help anyone in need and to set up programs to assist people with things like substance abuse, or any mental issues they may have, etc.

Individualist vs. Collectivist Worldviews

Individualism focuses on…Collectivism focuses on…
Individual achievementGroup harmony
Universal values (rules, policies, laws)Social obligation 
Categories/categorical thinkingRelationship/relational thinking
Part to whole learningWhole to part learning
Acting on the environmentAdapting to the environment